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Thrill On Cherry Hill

June 7, 2012

Cherry Hill residents Sandy Gaither Knott and Alissa VanGilder posing with their neighborhood’s new Little Library

The Little Free Library in honor of Charley and Mickey Reisert is ready for action. It’s located on 10th Street in the Cherry Hill Neighborhood in Jeffersonville. Many people had a hand, directly and indirectly, in the creation of this little library.

It all began with Phyllis Wilkins. When she heard about the little library concept, she had the idea of putting one up in memory of her neighbors, Charley and Mickey Reisert, who both passed away recently. So she contacted their son, Perry, who thought it was a great idea as his parents were both avid readers and left behind a large collection of books.

But they had a decision to make: where should it be located?

The initial thought was to put it up in the neighborhood where they lived the last decade of their lives, but then Perry had another idea. He explains:

“I thought Mom & Dad would have liked it to be in the Cherry Hill neighborhood where their office was located. Dad had opened his real estate office in that neighborhood on the corner of 10th & Cherry back in 1974, so they were longtime ‘residents’ of a sort.

Some years ago, they were very involved in forming the Cherry Hill neighborhood association, which has a block watch program, a community yard sale and other events. They were also very involved in the renovation of a neighborhood park with equipment for special needs children.

I thought this was the ideal place for the LFL due to their longtime connection to the neighborhood and because it would serve many people. So, we chose to locate it on the site of Dad & Mom’s office.”

Once that decision was made, the next step was to decide how to get a little library and this is where a large group of generous people gave a hand: the Jeffersonville Rotary Club. Charley was a long-time member of the Jeffersonville Rotary and also happened to be in a book club with several members. So the club provided a grant that was used to purchase one of the libraries built by the people in Wisconsin who started this whole little library idea.

Now they had a library and a location, all that was left was installation. This is where Cherry Hill resident, Alissa Van Gilder came into the picture. She lives nearby on Cherry Street and did the entire installation and even supplied the materials to do so.

Perry reports that he has plenty of his Mom and Dad’s books to keep the library stocked for quite some time so now, let’s put a cherry on top of this one because it’s done!

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