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A Push from the Younger Generation

July 8, 2012

Like the rest of us here at Little Free Library Indiana, when New Albany resident Sophia Kimbell heard about the Little Library concept, she knew she wanted to be a participant. She immediately started thinking of the possibilities and, being a real go-getter, she’s been quite busy turning those possibilities into reality.

Sophia already has her first Little Library up and running inside the office of her orthodontist’s office. To make the library, she transformed an old dollhouse. Take a look:

Explaining her choice of location, Sophia says,

“I started with the orthodontist’s office (Dr. Ernstberger) because I knew it was a place where people could sit and read and I know what this age group likes to read. The library is an old dollhouse with books ranging from children’s short stories to teen graphic novels. This library is indoors, so it should mostly be used by patients and their families.”

An orthodontist’s office is such a great idea. As anyone who has ever had braces knows, it takes quite a few visits to complete orthodontic treatment so the children can borrow a book and easily return it during the next visit. A big thank you to Dr. Seth Ernstberger for agreeing to host Sophia’s Little Library!

Energetic Sophia is not stopping there though. She wants to reach even more people and plans to install at least two more in Southern Indiana.

“For my more public Little Free Libraries, I’m looking for a place for all ages. I may check with the Parks Department to see about building one in Letty Walter Park. About three years ago, one of my friends and I wrote grants to plant trees and place benches there.

I’ll also make another indoor library for Tammy’s Private Collection salon in Sellersburg.”

We are looking forward to seeing photos of those projects. Nice work Sophia!

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