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Local Library Dedicated to Ill Children

August 22, 2012

(This post written by Debbie Harbeson.)

Little Free Libraries continue to pop up in Southern Indiana! I recently found one in New Albany while on a weekend bike ride. The library is actually on Saint Joseph Road, but if you happen to be traveling towards Saint Joseph on Carver Street (which is right across from Graceland Baptist Church), when you reach the intersection of Saint Joseph and Carver, the library will be right smack dab in front of you.

This library is courtesy of Sarah Spivey, and the specific address is 3909 St. Joseph Road. To give you another landmark to help you find it, this library is just a block or two away from Community Montessori School. As you can see in the photos below it is next to a wonderfully huge Blue Spruce in the front yard and can be hidden if you are traveling towards the school.

This library has a note accompanying it which says “In memory of children, who are ill, have been ill and who have died – those who have died and left books and their love of reading behind for our enjoyment.”

Sarah is very pleased with the neighborhood response. “People have been stopping, taking books and leaving new ones. I am delighted.”
We are too Sarah, thanks for adding to the local supply of Little Free Libraries!

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