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Clark County Youth Shelter Little Library

August 23, 2012

Southern Indiana now has the second of two memorial libraries purchased by the Jeffersonville Rotary up and running. We reported on the first one, dedicated in memory of Rotary member Charley Reisert here. This Little Free Library is dedicated in memory of Dr. Ed Crooks, who was also a long-time member of the Rotary.

A decision was made to locate this Little Free Library at the Clark County Youth Shelter  since Dr. Crooks was a founding board member. The Shelter is located at 118 East Chestnut Street , which is in downtown Jeffersonville, just a 1/2 block off of Spring Street.

Laura Fleming-Balmer, Executive Director of the Shelter reports that books are flying out of this library from all age groups:

“Staff have seen kids, adults, and families with children looking through the books.  We have a variety of books from John Grisham to children’s bedtime stories.  I have had to fill the library about 4 times already.  We have had books donated by staff, board members (Perry Reisert), and community members through our Facebook page.  We have also had inquires from our Facebook posts about how to start a library – even one from out of state.  So…it has been neat to know our postings about our library have sparked interest elsewhere as well!!”


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