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Little Library From Scrap Lumber

August 29, 2012

The Oak Park neighborhood in Jeffersonville has a Little Free Library at 509 Hemlock Road, which is part of the Oak Park 8th Addition. This library is a perfect tribute to the idea of recycling because not only will books be recycled among those who love to read, the library itself was built with scrap lumber scraped up from several sites by some scrappy people!

Mike and Marilyn Czape are the stewards of this Little Library “in honor of the Oak Park Pride Subdivision.” That’s Mike in the photo below pictured with the library. Their neighbor Jerry Windell helped install it in the Czape’s front yard.

Marilyn tells us more about the origin of this Little Free Library,

“Our neighborhood association wanted the library for the purpose of helping to install a sense of community in our neighborhood.  We do not have a theme but we asked neighbors for a favorite book or magazine for all to share.  We did also ask that the donator write a little something in the book to help with our objective.   Our library was built by my husband Mike and our friend from New Albany, Paul Receveur.  Paul is a construction hobbyist to the highest degree.  Before retirement, (in addition to being a family doctor to half of NA) he also did construction work on the side.”

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