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Nancy’s First Love?

September 8, 2012

If you talk to Nancy Thompson, she will tell you that her life has revolved around libraries. Here’s how her library-filled life has played out up to now:

  • Her first job, at 18 years old, was working as a page at the original Jeffersonville Carnegie Library. She was attending IUS, which at the time was in the neighboring building and after class, all she had to do was walk from one to the next to get to her job. Nancy has worked part-time at the library most of her life. She worked at the main branch for 24 years, the first 2  at the Carnegie and 22 at it’s present location. She’s now at the Clarksville Branch and has been there for 8 years. In all, she’s been working at the library for a grand total of 34 years.
  • She met her husband at the Jeffersonville Carnegie Library. I guess you could say books and libraries were Nancy’s first love because it took Al some time to get her attention. The poor guy had to ask her out 7 times before she said yes. He gave her 7 roses on their first date. That apparently worked well but one does wonder what may have happened if he gave her 7 books.

Now, considering all of this history it’s no wonder that an article she saw in a paper about Little Free Libraries caught her eye. She was intrigued.

Meanwhile, her daughter, Shelley, met a nice fellow who caught her eye.  She was intrigued too, but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

Nancy took the next step and came to a local meeting intended to network with other people interested in the Little Library idea. It sounded like a good project but after she left she really wasn’t sure how she might be able to get one built.  She had her idea though – Nancy wanted a Little Library modeled after the Jeffersonville Carnegie Library.

Now, remember that nice fellow her daughter met at the same time Nancy discovered the Little Free Library project? Well his name is Richie Grimes and Shelley really hit it off with this guy and they ended up getting married this past February. As Nancy got to know Richie, she learned he is a carpenter and builder by trade. He works as a Project Manager for a contracting business, Coupe Construction, in his “day job,” but loves to do individualized and specialized carpentry work.

Considering Richie’s talents, Nancy thought he could help so she told him about her idea to build a model for a Little Free Library and asked her new son-in-law if he would be interested. Not only did he agree to help, he also had his own connections to the Carnegie Library. Richie was part of the team that did the recent lavish renovation of the original Carnegie Library in Jeffersonville – the very library that started it all for Nancy. He even had the blueprints from the renovation in his house! Richie also is the craftsman who hand-built the huge wooden doors inside the building.

Since Richie had renovated Nancy’s first love, the connections were so deep now that Nancy just knew this project was meant to be. Although she kind of regretted it later because she didn’t get to watch the process, Nancy decided she didn’t want to see it until it was finished. The project was unveiled during a recent family party at her home. Here’s what Nancy first saw of her new library:

And here’s what she saw after removal of the cover:

Isn’t that just amazing? Phyllis Wilkins may have described it best when she said it is “stunning.” Nancy tells us that the first thing most people do when they walk up to the library is feel the “bricks,” which are actually mosaic tiles. Here’s a close up of the tiles:

The ingeniousness of a creative craftsman is never ending it seems. The dome is actually a metal bowl.

It’s very intricate, the front doors even have tiny little handles on them.

Those doors do not open though. This library actually opens in the back for access to the books. Lots and lots of books.

Nancy says her new son-in-law deserves all the credit for this piece of art and can’t thank him enough for building it for her. Here’s a photo of Nancy, Richie and Nancy’s two grandchildren, Nicole Grimes and Macie Comingore.

Here’s one more photo of Nancy with her husband Al. The two of them would like to invite everyone to stop by their Little Free Library. Take a look and take a book. The address is  1303 Sportsman Court, Jeffersonville Indiana.

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